Sailing Greece by Kristina Avdeeva

Being able to control the yacht, knowing how to set the sail and listening to wind – that’s not the dream of everybody. But I was wishing about it since I was a child. It’s in my blood, so that’s why I found the strength and patience and got the skipper license. At first there … Continue Reading

Best Romantic Serials For The Weekend

Earlier I was written about 5 best short serials (here), some of which you can watch together with your boyfriend or husband. But today I’m going to share 4 romantic serials only for girls! Love, passion, war, politic and relationships between men and women – the main themes here. So let’s enjoy watching, girls! ‘Outlander’ … Continue Reading

Calligraphy & Lettering As Fashion By Sasha Puchkina

Hi everyone! My name is Sasha and today I’m going to introduce you calligraphy and lettering as fashion. Hope that you’ll also fall in love with it as I. A lot of people imagine oriental hieroglyphs or ancient handwriting when I talk about calligraphy. From greek language  ‘calligraphy’ means ‘beautyful handwritting, which doesn’t need any … Continue Reading

Travel To Spain: Sunny Alicante With Anastasia Ilina

If you ask people about cities in Spain, you would probably be told about Barcelona and Madrid, may be some people would mention Valencia and Sevilla, but Spain definitely isn’t only about them. Alicante is situated 2 hours away to the south from Valencia and it makes city sunnier and warmer, sea here is cleaner … Continue Reading

6 Best Mini Serials For The Weekend

I know that watching serials with hundreds of seasons is a waste of time. That’s why I wrote a list of the best short serials, which impressed me so much. And also I want to admit that most of them are historical. If you’re going to spend this weekend outside or travelling far away, it … Continue Reading

Let’s Travel To Baku With Maria Babakhanova

This time I tell you about the fastest development city of Eurasia – Baku. They say that in a short time the city turned into Transcaucasian Singapore. And this is not surprising. Considering that I’m a frequent guest in Baku, I have something to compare with. With each of my visits the city is transformed, … Continue Reading

Polina Galkova: Travel to Lisbon

Thanks to our talented travel guides from People Talk we’ve already got a great opportunity to visit Milan (read) and New York (read). Today we’ll have a nice walk on the cozy streets of Lisbon with one more traveler – Polina Galkova. It was 10 years ago when I heart the fado sounds at the first time. And since … Continue Reading

Red Velvet Shoes & Interview With Designer “DemmyVik”

To continuing our introducing with interesting and talented people I’d like to tell you about one designer and owner of the brand called ‘DemmyVik’(@DemmyVik) – Viktoria. A lot of us are obsessed with shoes and I’m pretty sure that when we were children we used to try on our mum’s pumps quite a lot! While one … Continue Reading

Anastasia Sorokina: 5 Books To Read This Spring

Now it’s a perfect time for changes. We fresh up our wardrobe, look for new places and cafes for meetings with friends and find new fragrances. I’d like to offer you 5 interesting books for this spring, which, I hope, will surprise you and inspire. The first one is written by american actress Cameron Diaz … Continue Reading

Ksenia Yakiv: Milan – The City of Fashion, Museums & Shopping

“Hi! Hello! Buongiorno!” With these words usually starts each my day. Thought I stay in Italy, I don’t stop using these three languages. Also I want to admit that there are so many people from my country! So, let me introduce myself. I’m Ksenia and in Europe people understand and could pronounce well my name … Continue Reading