Summer Beachwear Fashion

Summer is that kind of time when we have to think what to wear not only during the day or night but also during the most favourite kind of adventure – sunburning! Today beach fashion can be so various – swimsuits, kimonos, bags, sunnies, hats, shoes. All these stuff could be packed in one special … Continue Reading

June’s Favorites

Still can’t believe that the first month of summer has been already passed! I love June for its blossom, fresh fruits and feeling of warm season. Looking backward I’d like to share my favourite products and those things which were inspired me. Body Even during the summer our skin needs to be hydrated and nourished. … Continue Reading

Update Your Summer Mood & Outfit

What does inspire us during the summer time? The sun, heat, sea, sand, dawns, meetings, picnics, cold wine, fresh air after thunder storm… It is possible to write thousands words. For me summer is little different life, when we live and breath with all our lungs. It is much easier to start doing something in … Continue Reading

Red Lipstick Make Up For Every Day

Usually we associate  make up with red lipstick with special occasions or weekends. That’s why in our ordinary life we choose nude shades rather than bright. My passion to this color was born long time ago. I like putting accent on my lips and leave eyes make more neutral. During the summer time it’s the … Continue Reading

How To Wear Hat In Summer

Inspired By Lack Of Color Style There are some things that inspire me the last time: fashion campaigns and lookbooks which are created by brands. When you set up a new product or collection and show it to the audience it is very necessary to choose the right and creative way for introducing. Everybody knows … Continue Reading

How To Wear Long Knitted Dress

I think that this month was full of all four seasons: it has already been a summer heat, pouring rain, freezing and even snow! But because of these abrupt temperature changes we had a great opportunity pretend to be our favourite fashion characters from «Sex in the City». We wore wool or fur coat, knitted … Continue Reading

Romantic Coachella Outfit – Maxi Dress

Each year we are looking forward to the most famous music festival, which takes place in Coachella Valley, California. It started the first time in 1999 and since then every spring thousands people from all over the world come up here! But one of the main reason of our close attention to this occasion are … Continue Reading

Make Curly Hair, Sing With Madonna & Feel The 90s!

I like creating unusual aesthetic photoshoots, where we could find specific mood and feel the vibes. One of the most popular trend this season and even the further are 90s. As I was born in these epoch I just couldn’t ignore and pass this fashion trend by! One of the brightest, the most eccentric and … Continue Reading

Feminism VS Midi Skirt: The Power of Influence

There is a fact that men find us more attractive, tenderness and prettier when we wear skirt. Despite of such a popular mainstream as feminism, every girl still should be fragile and delicate inside. Nowadays women make their careers, head the top government positions and even serve in military on a par with men. And … Continue Reading

How to Wear Your Spring Coat

Finally it’s getting warmer outside and we can take off our massive fur coats and oversize winter jackets and choose the favorite spring coat! You’ll spend days or even months to find the perfect one but it’s worth it! A good and ideal woman coat is that kind of our basic wardrobe which can be … Continue Reading