June’s Favorites

Still can’t believe that the first month of summer has been already passed! I love June for its blossom, fresh fruits and feeling of warm season. Looking backward I’d like to share my favourite products and those things which were inspired me. Body Even during the summer our skin needs to be hydrated and nourished. … Continue Reading

Red Lipstick Make Up For Every Day

Usually we associate  make up with red lipstick with special occasions or weekends. That’s why in our ordinary life we choose nude shades rather than bright. My passion to this color was born long time ago. I like putting accent on my lips and leave eyes make more neutral. During the summer time it’s the … Continue Reading

Medik8 Serum & Why Should We Use Serums In Our Skin Care Routine?

In one of my previous beauty posts I wrote about our basic everyday face care rules (read here). If there are some skin problems or it needs an anti-age treatment, then you should pay attention to your skin a little bit more. You might don’t know but I used to work in one of the … Continue Reading

Light Skin Foundations For Summer

After we have prepared and cleansed our skin (read here) now it’s time to start doing the make up. The first step is choosing and applying your foundation. As each of us has a different type of skin, so the preferences won’t be the same as mine. And that is ok. All these foundations have … Continue Reading

Perfume Is Your Personal Recognition

  The day and mood you’ll have today depends only on you! It’s incredibly how many things we could control but are unable to describe with the words. If we truly believe in somethings, we accept more easily all troubles and fails which are on the way of our goals. We are trying to find … Continue Reading

5 My Favorite Facial Cleansing Products

Happy International Woman’s Day! This day we, girls, may allow stay in bed a little bit longer, start the day with coffee and something sweet and delicious, and spend a time in bathroom grooming yourself. All you might know or heart about 3-step facial treatment: Step 1 – cleansing Step 2 – toning Step 3 … Continue Reading

3 Beauty Products for Everyday Simple Makeup

Frankly speaking, I’ve never been a professional makeup artist and even didn’t know the simple basic rules! I had only that kind of products which I definitely knew how to use. And now having enough knowledges it becomes so difficult to keep out a way of shopping one more new beauty product! But in our … Continue Reading