Let’s Travel To Baku With Maria Babakhanova

Let’s Travel To Baku With Maria Babakhanova

This time I tell you about the fastest development city of Eurasia – Baku. They say that in a short time the city turned into Transcaucasian Singapore. And this is not surprising. Considering that I’m a frequent guest in Baku, I have something to compare with. With each of my visits the city is transformed, it becomes more beautiful, I want to return here again and again.

Where to go?

It is better to get acquainted with the capital of Azerbaijan from Nagorny Park – the name of the park is explained by the fact that you can see the panorama of the city with it. Before, in its place used to be a Muslim cemetery, but after the battle in Baku, the Soviet government, the cemetery was destroyed, and the burial was transported. Now in the park there are the Shahid Alley, where are the victims of the “Black January” buried, who were killed in the Karabakh war. From the viewing platforms of the Nagorny Park, there are amazing views of the Baku bay and the Old Town. To get to the park, use the funicular (free admission). Then go to the Old Town.

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The Shirvanshahs palace

Is the pearl of the architectural heritage of Azerbaijan. In addition to the palace, the complex includes the Diwan-khan’s courtyard, the burial vault, the mosque and the bath and mausoleum of the court scholar.

The Maiden Tower

It is the visiting card of the capital of Azerbaijan. The origin of the name historians have argued for a very long time. A popular legend says that at one time, the daughter of a certain Shah fell in love with a young man out of his circle. To prevent marriage, he attached his daughter to her. Since the girl with this position did not agree, in protest, she rushed with the towers and drowned in the sea, which at that uncertain time approached the tower itself. It is said that after this many people went up to the tower to commit suicide, for this reason, the viewing site was fenced off with bars and now people are climbing up to admire the views of the city.

Boulevard Icheri Sheher

It’s a cult for fans of Soviet cinema, because there was a place where the famous scene from the film “The Diamond Hand” was shot – damn it and everyone tries to pass and stumble.

Flame Towers

It is a complex of 3 towers, the highest in the country. The buildings are completely covered with screens, on which a burning flame is broadcast. Flaming towers may soon become a new symbol of the city.

Crystal Concert Hall

A concert hall for 25 thousand spectators was created in a short time in 2012, when the country received the right to conduct an international song contest – “Eurovision”. Now it is a playground for stars of the first magnitude.

The national flag area

Flagstaff on the national flag area until 2011 was the highest in the world and was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

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What to Visit?

Heydar Aliyev

Built according to the project of the legendary Zaha Hadid in 2014. Recognized as the best building in the world and no wonder – the building changes all the notions of aesthetics, because it does not have corners – incredible lines that merge with the earth, show the connection of generations. Traditional clothes, jewelry, a lot of musical instruments, fantastic beauty of carpets. And also temporary exhibitions. I had the opportunity to visit the exhibition of dolls.

Bakinsky Boulevard

It is a favorite recreation place for local residents and visitors, especially the embankment was transformed in 2010, when the reconstruction was carried out and the park extension increased from 16 km to 25 km. There was built a new shopping center Park Bulvar and built a Ferris wheel.

In 2013 in the city centre were built new complexes of residential and office premises in the Port of Baku Towers and Port of Baku Residence, and a new shopping center – Port of Baku Moll with fashionable boutiques and cute cafes was built at their foot.

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Where to stay?

There are no problems with living in Baku, because of huge range of choice. To get in touch with the history it is worth to choose a hotel – Shah Palace, which is located right in the walls of the Old Town. The interior of the rooms and hotels are decorated in national style.

On the waterfront there are such hotels as Marriot, Four Seasons, Hilton and Hyatt.
In 2016, on the coast of the Caspian Sea, was set up the Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel.

What to Try and Where?

As you know, Azerbaijani cuisine is one of the most delicious and healthy, it has an abundance of fish, meat and vegetable dishes.

‘Dolma’ – cabbage rolls in grape leaves
‘Kutaby’ – flat cakes from unleavened dough with herbs and cheese
‘Lulya-kebab’ – grilled meat
‘Khash’- Caucasian soup
‘Baklava’ – traditional sweets
‘Shaker’ – pie with nuts filling
Vegetable caviar from eggplant

Azerbaijanis usually adore tea, only young people drink coffee.

Ciz-Biz Old City
Shirvanshah is one of the best national restaurants in the city, the place is perfect for dinner
Xalcha – is in the Carpet Museum and is perfect for breakfast
Paris Bistro – 24/7
Baku Cafe
Gloria Jeans – an excellent replacement for Sturbacks
Eleven – the best night club in Baku

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Events held in Baku

Grand Prix of Formula 1 – the contract for racing is signed for 10 years
European games were held in 2015
Islamic Solidarity Games (May 12-22, 2017)
Heat Fest by Emin

My Second Motherland
Baku, I love you

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Written by – Maria Babakhanova (@americanrabbit).

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