Summer Beachwear Fashion

Summer is that kind of time when we have to think what to wear not only during the day or night but also during the most favourite kind of adventure – sunburning! Today beach fashion can be so various – swimsuits, kimonos, bags, sunnies, hats, shoes. All these stuff could be packed in one special … Continue Reading

June’s Favorites

Still can’t believe that the first month of summer has been already passed! I love June for its blossom, fresh fruits and feeling of warm season. Looking backward I’d like to share my favourite products and those things which were inspired me. Body Even during the summer our skin needs to be hydrated and nourished. … Continue Reading

Feminism VS Midi Skirt: The Power of Influence

There is a fact that men find us more attractive, tenderness and prettier when we wear skirt. Despite of such a popular mainstream as feminism, every girl still should be fragile and delicate inside. Nowadays women make their careers, head the top government positions and even serve in military on a par with men. And … Continue Reading

Red Velvet Shoes & Interview With Designer “DemmyVik”

To continuing our introducing with interesting and talented people I’d like to tell you about one designer and owner of the brand called ‘DemmyVik’(@DemmyVik) – Viktoria. A lot of us are obsessed with shoes and I’m pretty sure that when we were children we used to try on our mum’s pumps quite a lot! While one … Continue Reading

Fur Coat & Sneakers – Inspired by NYFW

You might know for sure and watch the last fashion weeks which have already taken place in London, Milan and New York. The most talented fashion insiders, photographers and bloggers from all over the world are now in one place, inspiring with the new trends and concentrating on mainstream of the following season. During the … Continue Reading

The Most Wanted Items from ZARA New Collection

Each new season we girls love changing our wardrobe and adding in our style some new fashion trends. Of course, buying only designers clothes isn’t a good idea and it’s not cheap! So that’s why going for such new things to mass-market places is your best way to choose. Every 2 weeks ZARA provide us … Continue Reading

3 Beauty Products for Everyday Simple Makeup

Frankly speaking, I’ve never been a professional makeup artist and even didn’t know the simple basic rules! I had only that kind of products which I definitely knew how to use. And now having enough knowledges it becomes so difficult to keep out a way of shopping one more new beauty product! But in our … Continue Reading

Hello My Dear ‘Leo’!

We hear and use very often so many words, which came from different languages (c’est la vie, voila etc.). And we do not always know and understand their meanings. What does “trend” mean? In fashion industry the word ‘trend’ means the currently (but unfortunately short-term) stream, tendency of fashion development, which comes back from time … Continue Reading

Last Sale Call with SHOPBOP & Net-a-Porter!

After the holidays it is so difficult to get back to your ordinary working days! When all that you cooked are eaten, new desserts are tasted and the presents are unpacked – becomes a perfect time to look through your goals which have been written before. If you start doing even small steps now you’ll … Continue Reading

London Street Style & Fashion

Our everyday life has crazy beats: we are always on a way somewhere, in a hurry, staying in our dreams, trying to create something and then achieve it. I think if it is possible to compare the life we have with a kind of music, it would be literally a rock: concentration on outfits as … Continue Reading