6 Best Mini Serials For The Weekend

6 Best Mini Serials For The Weekend

I know that watching serials with hundreds of seasons is a waste of time. That’s why I wrote a list of the best short serials, which impressed me so much. And also I want to admit that most of them are historical. If you’re going to spend this weekend outside or travelling far away, it will be a good idea to relax before the road trip and watch few chapters in one shot. Besides, a lot of them you could watch together with your boyfriend.

Big Little Lies
Watch on your own

In the centre of story are lives of the women who are the best friends. One day it is happened the murder at school where their children went, but the name of the killer wasn’t known. We are watching the days and months before this event and don’t know that all these characters are somehow connected with the murder.

6 best mini serials for the weekend by valeria sytnik

Medici: Masters of Florence
Watch together

The plot of this serial shows us the great Medici transformation from ordinary traders to powerful clan, which sometimes broke the rules and laws and thats why got a lot of foes.

6 best mini serials for the weekend medici - masters of florence

Watch together

Louis the Fourteenth ascertained the throne when he was only 4 years old. During the long time France was governed by ministries soviet, which was headed by his mother. But now she is dead and nobility becomes more and more powerful every day. As Louis wants to save himself and country he has to set up a new government, far from Paris. Somewhere in countryside called Versailles.

6 best mini serials for the weekend versailles

Watch together

You might be think that it’s a pressmark or even a misspelling. No. It’s the most tragic date for USA. This day was happened a mystery murder of president Kannedy. The main character decided to go back to that time and find out who did this to prevent it. But he couldn’t even imagine how the life in the past affect on him.

best mini serials for the weekend 11.22.63

The Young Pope
Watch together

This is a fictional story about half italian and half american Lenny Belardo, who was chosen as a Pope. Lenny is a difficult person and sometimes behaves too eccentric and frighteningly.

best mini serials the young pope by valeria sytnik

Watch on your own

The serial shows us the life of the queen of England She was throned only at the age of 18 and how she became as the most great and powerful monarch of the country.

best mini serials for the weekend victoria


  1. Saturday May 13th, 2017 / 10:35 PM

    класс! про Кеннеди должно быть интересно, а в исторических сериалах, наверное, очень красивые костюмы)

    • Sunday May 14th, 2017 / 11:55 AM

      спасибо) Очень интересно! Рассказывать не буду, чтобы сохранить интригу)

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