Perfume Is Your Personal Recognition

Perfume Is Your Personal Recognition


The day and mood you’ll have today depends only on you! It’s incredibly how many things we could control but are unable to describe with the words. If we truly believe in somethings, we accept more easily all troubles and fails which are on the way of our goals. We are trying to find new ideas and decisions, make experiences. And it helps up to improve and develop ourselves. Sometimes I set up the right mood with a fragrance. It could be as a coffee or flowers, so a woman perfume. I’m going to sharing with you four my favorite perfumes, which I’ve being using for some years. Mostly all of them are unisex, except the only one – Tom Ford.

Tom Ford ‘Black Orchid’

Type of fragrance: oriental, floral

Notes: black truffle, black orchid, black plum, noir gourmand accord, patchouli.

tom ford black orchid perfume

Serge Lutens ‘Santal Majuscule’

Type of fragrance: oriental,woody

Notes: sandalwood, rose, cocoa, tonka bean

serge lutens fragranceserge lutens

Escentric Molecules Escentric 01

In the heart of the whole perfume collection there is a synthetic molecule called ‘Iso E Super’, which opes up on every person absolutely in a new way.

Type of fragrance: floral, musk, woody

Notes: Iso E Super, amalfitan lemon, pink peper, iris

escentric molecules 01 perfume

Escentric Molecules Molecule 03

Type of fragrance: woody

Notes: Iso E Super, vetiver

 unisex fragrances in beauty blog by valeria sytnikbeauty and fashion blogger valeria sytnik

Photo story by Olga Beznos.

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