How to Wear Your Spring Coat

How to Wear Your Spring Coat

Finally it’s getting warmer outside and we can take off our massive fur coats and oversize winter jackets and choose the favorite spring coat! You’ll spend days or even months to find the perfect one but it’s worth it! A good and ideal woman coat is that kind of our basic wardrobe which can be invested. Because it will stay with you not only  one season.

I really like that today we can give a new vision of view to our statement clothes (for example, chiffon dress with biker boots, coats with sneakers, fur coats with baseball cap). But usually when we buy such expensive and basic item, we try to create in our mind the classic outfit at first and only later, at home, make an experience.

I wanted to dress up a little bit more, while making this outfit, so I chose a cute fur hat and varnished boots. I noticed that the last time I’ve got a small obsession with all types of hats! As for me, this kind of accessories can change your everyday outfit to something new. Today I’ve got the typical spring coat look but with the pretty vintage accent.

Nude spring IamStudio coat

nude spring coat and fur grey hatvaleria sytnik in spring coatValeria Sytnik in coat and fur hatfashion blogger valeria sytnik wearing iamstudio coatvaleria sytnik in grey fur hatvaleria sytnik in iamstudio spring coat

I’m wearing:

coat iAMstudio / BYYA turtleneck / salon bonaparte vintage hat / zara shoes

Photo by Kate Klimenko.


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