New Year Sport Resolutions

New Year Sport Resolutions

I’m pretty sure that almost everyone has in her/his ‘Resolutions 2018’ list such point as doing sport, am I wright? It’s a well-known fact that we like to start doing things on Monday, on the 1st day of the next month or even year. Especially we love to postpone everything till January. Well, guys, it’s almost the end of month, have you already done everything that you planned?

‘For me sport is not just a trend, which you have to follow (actually there are no trends we must follow to!).’

yoga practise valeria sytnik
practising yoga outdoor

For me sport is not just a trend, which you have to follow (actually there are no trends we must follow to!). You’ll get the force of doing something only at that time, when you are ready to change yourself (loose weight, get weight, get stretched or find the balance). If it brings you pleasure, the results will be incredible! And find enjoyment in sport is quite easy. Nowadays there are a lot kinds of activities and everyone could find something that he likes.

For beginners or those who don’t have enough time to go to the gym I advice to start doing trainings at home (soon then it gets warmer you can go outdoor). There are few apps which you can download directly into your phone and have virtual personal trainer with you! Here they are: Nike Training Club, Gym Up, Get Fit.

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If it happened that you’ve found a free time – go and get the gym ticket. Usually, with it you’ll have 1 or 2 lessons with a personal trainer and unlimited entrance on all group activities. I got used to work on my own. My boyfriend writes me a training program and I try to do it properly. All notes which I do I write down into the app called Gym Up.

And finally, one of my favourites – yoga! A lot of people underestimate it, while practicing yoga helps you to find the harmony and restore the nervous system. I must say that sometimes it’s not so easy to relax and stop all that minds force in our head! When you concentrate on asana you put all attention on it and all your daily problems fly away.

Here are some apps, which can help you to find more information about yoga and start practicing wright now: Daily Yoga, Asana Rebel, Gain Yoga, (this is a website where you could find online lessons).

yoga practising valeria sytnik

sport resolution yoga
yoga practising

sport resolution yoga practising

yoga training

new year sport resolution yoga


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Photo story by Olga Beznos.

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