The Best Fall Treatments For Your Hair

The Best Fall Treatments For Your Hair

Repairinghydrating masks and other hair treatment are our best friends during the fall time! The organism has to refresh and ‘reload’ all important life systems after summer. I must admit, that I am not that kind of girl who likes spending hours in a bathroom, doing all spa entertainments with my hair. First of all, I try to find the problems inside: if we have some problems with nails, skin, hair, it means that we should pay attention to our daily life routine and what we eat. There are few things I usually try to keep on:

Drink more water

Unfortunately we forget about it during the cold time. But water is the main source of having good hydrated skin and hair.

Put into your pocket a few nuts

It’s enough to eat only 5-7 almond nuts but every day!

Don’t hesitate dairy produce

It contains a lot of calcium, which is important for building and strengthening hair.

Add to your daily ration fish and oils

This is what we need for having healthy and brilliant hair.

We really are what we eat. Keep on mind this.

I also want to share with you two of my best hair masks which I try to use regularly.

the best hair treatments

Kerastase Elixir Ultime

I really love it for the quick using! It needs only 2-3 minutes to take on washed hair. The main ingredients are oils, so you can just imagine the smell it has!

DSD de Luxe keratin Treatment mask (4.3)

This one works with the strength and growing. You can also put it on the skin, what makes this mask unique!

the best fall treatments for your hair kerastase
the best hair treatments for your hair

the best fall hair treatments valeria sytnikthe best fall hair treatments valeria sytnik

the best hair treatments by valeria sytnik
the best fall treatments for your hair

the best hair treatments in fashion blog allaboutaccent

Photo Story by Olga Beznos.

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