Live In Levi’s & Enjoy Every Single Moment

Live In Levi’s & Enjoy Every Single Moment

«Live in Levis». This is the motto of one very famous and popular brand LEVI’S. All events which take place in our life are full of specific feelings, emotions, worries. And therefor such strong expectation make these days even more important than they actually are. Meantime others weeks, days, months are just passing by. There is a quite simple secret of having happy life: you should feel every singe day and appreciate your daily life with all routine and work.

Our story began 8 years ago, when nobody knew how long it could exist. Dima and I didn’t think about our future, we lived only in a moment. Some years later we understood that we had to appreciate every time stay together because sometimes it happened that we didn’t see each other for months. But also we realised that even being far away, mentally we are together: in our minds, in souls, we cheer up each other when it’s necessary. Of course there are such moments when I don’t believe in the future and don’t know what to do. Then only his words could release me.

When we concentrate on that short terms of happy moments we put boarders and limits by ourselves, instead of living and enjoying every single minute. By doing shopping the brand’s name make a huge role in our choice. I think, we have to remember that a pair of favourite vintage jeans can make your day! All you have to do – work with the attitude to situation. It’s all about us.
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What I Wear:
LEVI’S jeans and top / Le Specs sunnies / ASOS shoes / Michael Kors bag
Photo story by Olga Beznos.

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