How To Wear A Beret If You Are Not In Paris?

How To Wear A Beret If You Are Not In Paris?

So how to wear a beret if you are not in Paris (usually we think about this city while talking about such accessory)? I’m pretty sure that this season each of us at least once was about buying the most popular fashion trend -red or black or maybe even leather beret! Of course if you stay in Paris you don’t think how to pair such items in your daily look (everybody got used to such fashionistas). But when you come back home, you become so shy and quite that the desire being an ordinary and invisible grows so fast. In this case I want to say – don’t be afraid! Hats suit and fit everybody. The secret is only in the way you wear this accessory: straight on your head or a little bit on the side, with fringe or make hair in pony tail.

I decided to be extraordinary and created the outfit, which was consist of all popular trends – beret, vinyl trench and socks-boots. You might think now that I’m crazy but just have a look on the results! What do you think?) I really love it!
how to wear a beret

how to wear beret
how to wear beret
how-to-wear-beret-valeria-sytnik-fashion-blogger-ukrainehow to wear beret and vinyl trench coathow to wear beret and vinyl trench coat
how to wear beret by valeria sytnik
how to wear socks-boots
how to wear beret
how-to-wear-beret-vinyl coat

What I Wear:
TopShop vinyl trench coat
ASOS wool beret
MANGO socks-boots
Michael Kors bag
ZeroUV sunnies
Photo story by Olga Beznos.


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    This is inspiring dear,I’m going to give this a trial

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