Medik8 Serum & Why Should We Use Serums In Our Skin Care Routine?

Medik8 Serum & Why Should We Use Serums In Our Skin Care Routine?

In one of my previous beauty posts I wrote about our basic everyday face care rules (read here). If there are some skin problems or it needs an anti-age treatment, then you should pay attention to your skin a little bit more. You might don’t know but I used to work in one of the best spa salon in my city, where I got a lot of knowledges includes how to take care about the skin. At that time I changed my daily careless routine and still learn and find out new information in cosmetology.

medik8 serum c-tetra why should we use in skin care routine by valeria sytnik beauty blogger ukraine

Serum As My Daily Skin Care Routine

I have very sensitive type of skin and that’s why it needs to be hydrated and protected. In this case the perfect product is serum, as it contains the biggest concentration of specific ingredients. If you apply such serum under your daily cream, it will activate the functions of the cream even more and make the treatment course for problem areas or just the whole prevention. So that’s why it’s very important to talk with your therapist before buying any products.

Now I’m using a serum C-Tetra with antioxidants from one British brand called Medik8. It consists of jojoba oil (64%), grapefruit oil (1%), vitamin E (1%) and C (3%). For my skin it’s like a water with useful ingredients, which helps to prepare the skin for summer. I won’t stop saying that exactly in this time we have to care about our skin more attentively to avoid such problem as early ageing.

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Photo Story by Olga Beznos.

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  1. Monday May 15th, 2017 / 03:05 PM

    I also use serum, since it for most of us, using face oils should be pretty straightforward but useless. This skincare product must be properly applied to your skin after cleansing your face. Otherwise, there would not be any effect.

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