How to Reach the Success? Just #StayChicDoingSport!

How to Reach the Success? Just #StayChicDoingSport!

What does sport mean for us? What kind of associations do we have hearing this word? Usually the first emotions go with something energetic, bright and professional. But then this meaning becomes more deeper and wider than our initially impressions were. As for me, be sportive means not only doing any activities. Be sportive is feeling self-confident and comfortable in specific field, which for all of us is his own and sometimes it doesn’t related with sport. For football player it is strong competition inside the team and fight with opponents on the field; for doctor – careful attention to the patient and ultimate concentration in operating room; for journalist – being brave while choosing the material and honest while publishing it. So, in other words, sport is be a professional in your favorite business and hard to achieve your goals.

DIESEL created 50 rules of how to get the success in your life. Inspired by it I decided to make one more: #StayChicDoingSport . In everyday life I choose sportswear very rare. But it becomes so popular to paired sport style and chic. I love trying something new so much and that’s why I decided to make some looks in this style.



The bright orange crop oversize anorak in a pair with classic trousers but with one very interesting detail – white stripes – is shouting about its provocative style. It suits those who are, first of all, adventurous and active. But all these items by themselves will be so comfortable for all of us as well.




Denim skirt with fasteners, t-shirt and net-shirt – is the most casual and simple outfit. When you wear this way you’ll be the tomboy in every company and that one who knows all about the latest fashion trends.




It is still be very important for each girl to feel elegant. In such moments we can’t exist without dress: the black one with a net seems to be quite ordinary but biker boots add to this look grunge and audacity.


Special thanks Diesel brand store for providing clothes!

Photo by Kate Klimenko.

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