What Time Is It Now? It’s Watch Time!

What Time Is It Now? It’s Watch Time!

“- What would you do if you knew you had less than a minute to live? – I’d make those seconds count.”

How often do you check what time is it during the day? When we are happy we don’t care about it and don’t even notice how fast the time is running. But while waiting for someone special or something amazing we are counting every single minute and hope that it becomes less than 60 seconds. At such moments it seems that the time goes so heavily! And only the one accessory could brighten up this lingering waiting and stay your best assistant.

Now I can’t imagine my life without a clock face on the wrist. You may forget to take with you any other accessories when you are in hurry. But the watch on your hand shows such kind of character as seriousness and goal-seeking.


EMPORIO ARMANI  and ARMANI EXCHANGE with white leather wristlets are for those who appreciate basic and classic style. Massive watch by MICHAEL KORS  shows the elegant wrist and makes the whole look more delicate. And, by the way, if you choose the watch with metal wristlets, it will perfectly suits with all your jewelry.



All watches from this article you may find in DEKA store in your city.

Photo by Vika Aleksandrova.

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