Design A Swimwear By Yourself

Design A Swimwear By Yourself

Have you ever wanted to try yourself being a designer? I have had! But the process of creating new item is quite difficult and you need to have the specific skills. The lack of time is probably the main reason why we don’t want even to start and try. That’s why we’d better go for a shopping in mass-market. But in this case there are no uniqueness and mood, which can’t be received during such quick shopping.

Today we’ve got a great opportunity to make something individual with doing minimum efforts. Even if you don’t know how to cut and sew, you still can design the swimsuit by yourself! Together with Weird Bird I tried to do this sample of one-piece swimsuit in red color ( I don’t know why, but this season I like red color so much!). I think that the main accent there are a low neckline and strings. One more little bonus – you can also wear it as a top because of the unusual detail on the back.

What could be better then choosing a bright outfit in summer days and go for a picnic with a glass of prosecco?)

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I’m wearing Weird Bird one-piece swimwear

Photo Story by Olga Beznos.

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