Feminism VS Midi Skirt: The Power of Influence

Feminism VS Midi Skirt: The Power of Influence

There is a fact that men find us more attractive, tenderness and prettier when we wear skirt. Despite of such a popular mainstream as feminism, every girl still should be fragile and delicate inside.

Nowadays women make their careers, head the top government positions and even serve in military on a par with men. And the violence is been strictly punished by the law. We have so many rights and opportunities as never before! So, today it looks like only the wish of wearing trendy logo t-shirt is driving all ‘women rights activists’. Being gentle, delicate and tempting – that’s our power and privilege. And we should use it!

The style called ‘hippie’ is now coming back as a new fashion trend, and that’s why we should pay attention on such items as maxi dresses and midi skirts. But be careful: by choosing this length, keep in mind the proportions. Denim becomes more and more popular todays, so the skirt which is made from this fabric will be the most wanted item. If you take the mid or high wasted skirt and pair it with heels, you’ll look more taller. So we can say for sure that skirts from this fabric will be on trend this season. And until the weather outside is still be not too warm for bare legs, I advise to buy a good pair of high-knee boots.

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Photo story by Olga Beznos.

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