Top Season Item – Jumpsuit. How To Wear?

The main advantage of such jumpsuit is a completed outfit. You don’t have to think which pants to wear and what kind of top pair with it. It’s not a good idea to create your outfit early in the morning, when you are late. That’s why I think that these kind of clothes were created specially for such cases.

Besides, jumpsuit is a top trendy item in spring-summer season 2019! It was included in every fashion show. And try to choose that one which looks like a worker’s clothes (because of design and color) – relaxed fit, a range of pockets and contrast seam. Wear it was with your heels (for example like these or these), so with boots as well. I chose the second variant and paired it with my new acne boots (find similar here).

If you are still not ready to wear such fashion trend, go and create a simple monochrome outfits or  take a closer look to denim jumpsuit – it looks more casual and regular.

ZARA jumpsuit (shop similar here)
Acne Studio boots (shop here)
h&m silver necklace
Photo story Vika Aleksandrova.

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