Your Basic Fall Wardrobe

When you make your basic fall wardrobe you have to keep on mind next important facts: comfort, simplicity and fabric. There are that clothes which you’ll wear not only one or even two seasons! You will use them as a base in all your outfits (trendy as well).

So, the first basic item in your wardrobe are jeans. Choose the straight fit made from hight quality denim.

Pair them with classic t-shirt (black or white).

When you make such casual outfits, don’t forget about blazer – it will be a nice choice as an outerwear during September. And later – good item for creating layering looks.

Try to choose classic colours – black, white, grey, brown and nude. They will suit perfectly with all skin types.
Also we all need a pair of pants, which we can wear with shirts, turtlenecks or sweaters.

And of few words about shoes. Everything is quite simple: a pair of sneakers (or converse), boots and hight-knee boots.

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