French Style – What Is The Secret?

Parisians do not try to seem who they really aren’t. Because, in truth, their goal is rather not to look young – it’s an illusion – but to achieve the best of themselves, both outside and inside, regardless of age.”

Today I’d like to speak not about luxury clothes, bags or accessories, which we girls of course love so much. We will talk about a girl, a woman. Do you know why do we like french style so much and admire the real French woman? It’s not only because of her clothes or shoes. It’s all in the way how she wears it and presents herself to other people. She takes care of herself and can afford a cup of coffee before the work even if she’s quite late. Her confidence holds in thrall and attracts.

If there is a balance between you and your thoughts, everything becomes more harmonic and beautiful. And then such a casual outfit as top, jeans and blazer will suit you much better. Dimensionality and a good mood – that is a must have for all of us now.

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MANGO sunnies
Photo story Vika Aleksandrova.

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