Natural Superfood Cream For Your Skin

Have you noticed that today being vegan is not only healthy but also fashionably? Beauty industry caught up this trend as well and started producing a lot of such products. So if you decided to become a vegan, you’ll follow this idea from the top to bottom.

English brand Elemis produced a new facial superfood care line (cleansing gel, oil, day and night creams), which includes only vegetable ingredients. I can tell for sure that in the nearest future I won’t refused from my favourite products, but I don’t mind of trying something new from beauty items.

I apply this cream before going to bed on well cleansed skin. Must say that it has quite strange fragrance, but the consistentcy is very light and not oily. It will perfectly suit for all types of skin, hydrate and nourish it. You can put this bottle into your bag during the travelling and feed your skin anytime in case it will be hungry)

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