When The Sun Goes Down

When The Sun Goes Down

What it is dull and cold weather outside, most of all I want to close my eyes and bring myself somewhere on the seacoast. Run on the warm sand, dive into the fresh salty water and feel that coolness with all my body. And later watch the Sun goes down (like in that song by Robin Schulz). You may find all these things so simple, but we know for sure that the happiness lives in simplicity.

In case not to start counting the days before summer, I advice you to think about your trip right now. Choose the country and place where you’d like to spend the vacations. Prepare summer dresses and accessories which you’ll take with you. But don’t be in a hurry. Try to do everything slowly and carefully and don’t forget to enjoy this process! This is the most important. If you have already made a dissection, so there is no reason to rush.

when the sun goes down
when the sun goes down

when the sun goes down



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MANGO 90s sunnies (old collection similar here)

Vintage straw bag (similar here)


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