What I Used & Liked In October

october favourites by valeria sytnik

Lavender Spray For Your Pillow

This spray I bought when I was travelling in Provence, in one small town called Arl, where was living and working Vincent van Gogh. In France you can find something with lavender fragrance in every corner. But I was looking for a perfume. It is my favourite one! So that, when I saw this bottle in one souvenir shop I bought it immediately. And now a piece of France is always in my bed. You need only 2-3 pressure on pillow and enjoy your dreams.

lavender pillow spray


This is one more item, which I bought in Provence. All french products are very cheap here, so that’s why I bought a lot. This cream was very important for me! My feet are extremely dry. If I don’t hydrate them before going to sleep I’ll wake up next morning and my feet will look like my grandma’s) This cream nourishes and hydrates well.

caudal foot cream
caudalie cream for feet

Thermal Face Spray URIAGE

If I have to choose only one thermal face spray it will be definitely this one! It smells like a product from the drug store, but it proves that it’s not just the tap water.
uriage face sprayuriage face spray water

Facial Cream by ELEMIS

This cream I bought just because one reason: I need my wrinkles on the forehead  been smoother.  And I can really say that it works. You should apply this day cream in the morning (there is more heavy one for night time). But if you’ve got very dry skin – probably it won’t be enough moisturising for you.
elemis facial cream

elegies facial cream by valeria sytnik
elemis facial cream i used

H&M Earrings

Someone likes gold metals, another one – quite expansive jewellery. I like wearing that king go accessories which fit me! These earrings cost only 600 RUB, but they are totally unique! I think, every girl must have nothing like that.

h&m earrings

Sunnies In Retro Style

You’ll get completely different outfit if you wear these sunglasses! I like sometimes making experiment and buying some extraordinary things. So was with these sunnies: they change every girlish outfit into rocky one!

retro sunnies


Photo story by Olga Beznos.


  1. Tuesday November 14th, 2017 / 04:17 PM

    I love your style! All pictures on your blog are amazing <3

    • Tuesday November 14th, 2017 / 04:35 PM

      Thank you, Anna!) I looked your blog – so nice!!! Especially I like that checked suit!!!)

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