Sailing Greece by Kristina Avdeeva

Sailing Greece by Kristina Avdeeva

Being able to control the yacht, knowing how to set the sail and listening to wind – that’s not the dream of everybody. But I was wishing about it since I was a child. It’s in my blood, so that’s why I found the strength and patience and got the skipper license. At first there was a theory in Moscow and then practice in Turkey. It took all my free time but it was worth it! A month ago we came back from Greece. The route begun with Athens and went to Idra.


The First Day. Methana.

We were warned that this place has specific smell of sulfuretted hydrogen. You can feel it in every corner of the island, because of a thermal sources which are here. It was Sunday, the Holy Trinity day. Local sailors advised us to come along the island from the left side and promised that we would see something amazing. The closer we were to the point of destination, the more we started to hate eggs. Then we saw the cast and a couple who were from Norway. They told us that every summer during the last 10 years they were sailing to Greece. And this island is always  the first stop point. When we got into the milky-blue sea, water smelled terrific. But there still was something magical.

In the evening the city became in a little theatre. The lightening was turned on and sky were drawn in pink and violet colors. This is all about Greece and what people like most of all. Its atmosphere, fresh air and sea food with a peaceful sea view.

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The Second day. Ermiony.

Every morning you should start with swimming in the pure Aegean Sea. This will be the best cardio and detox for all day! Then breakfast time on board, which contains Greek yoghurt and fruits. It’s better to leave marina when another boats are still staying. Later you can swim in high seas, where the water is so clear!

We were going to the city Ermiony, which is located on the island Peloponnes. The main purpose was taking a drink water and charge the electricity, because in our plans was stopped on a desert island.

That was quite easy to choose a nice restaurant for dinner, there were a lot of them. Next morning we decided to go sightseeing and stopped in a cozy cafe to have a breakfast. Like in France you will always find fresh-backed croissant and nice coffee. But what I like in Greek islands is its emptyness on the streets. Only you and locals.

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The Third Day. Dokos.

It took just one hour to get to the Dokos island, where live 18 people. And during the whole time we saw nobody. The only one problem was to find a place where to leave our yacht – the beauty was everywhere!

Coming closer to the island we noticed a white house. But later we understood that it was a chapel. In the evening our friends said they wanted to get married here, so the chapel was just in our case! We dropped anchor and got to the coast by the inflatable boat (dinghy). All guys who were sailing nearby were our guests. We put candles, opened up champagne and started watching the stars and the moon. The main advantage of having your own yacht is that you can choose where to stay, sleep and just having fun whenever you want!

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The Fourth Day. Idra.

Having breakfast on board, swimming and moving to Idra – the glory nautical island (from Greek ‘water’). It is situated in Saronikos bay. You should come here early in the morning to be those who can get the best parking place in berth. One of the most interesting thing about this island is the fact that there are no cars at all. Mules and donkeys are used as a vehicle. Reach and famous Athenians like spending here their holidays. On the first sea line you’ll find a lot of restaurants and boutiques. In 1957 the movie called «The Boy On Dolphin» where Sophy Loren was starring was made here.

We were invited for having dinner in restaurant Pirofani. The owner used to live in London for a long time and them moved here and set up his own cafe. This is a typical family restaurant, where work only relatives.

You have to stay on Idra for a couple of day. In this case you’ll have a chance to get lost on the streets, meet local people and enjoy the atmosphere.

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The Fifth Day. Poros.

The Poseidon island today looks like ruins. Unfortunately, there were no place in the city bay, that’s why we were recommended to stay on the nothern-west side of the island. And we didn’t regret, because  that bey was so popular among the tourists.

It was decided to stay for a night nearby in place where was so quite and empty. Such situation is only in June, while next two months there are a lot of people, bars, sound music and freaky dancers. But today we were alone. We set in a cozy cafe, ordered local food and looked at the stars. Next day we would begin a the new trip to Athena…

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Written by – Kristina Avdeeva (@kris_the_captain).

Find more photos (@seasouldiary).

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