Best Romantic Serials For The Weekend

Best Romantic Serials For The Weekend

Earlier I was written about 5 best short serials (here), some of which you can watch together with your boyfriend or husband. But today I’m going to share 4 romantic serials only for girls! Love, passion, war, politic and relationships between men and women – the main themes here. So let’s enjoy watching, girls!


Here it is my favourite topic during the last time – historical plot. Actions began in 1945 in England, when the Second World War had just finished. The main character – Clar was working as a nurse in hospital, when she got news that finally after 5 years parting she could see her husband. Together they decided to go in Scotland and spend few days here. But suddenly she disappeared and transferred in 1743 in Scotland. While trying to stay alive and find the way home, the woman started living in new epoch using nowadays knowledges.

romantic serials outlander by valeria sytnik

‘Girl Boss’

This serial shows successful story of a girl, who worked hard and became famous. It is based on a true life story about Sofia Amoruso, who set up her personal fashion brand called Nasty Gal. Later she wrote a book about it, which immediately became a bestseller.

romantic serials girl boss by valeria sytnik



Here we see the woman, who used to work as a relationship manager in George Bush Sr. team. As she had a great experience of solving political and social problems on the highest level in the past, she decided to set up her own agency, which is specialised on anti-crisis problems. Her clients are people, who hold the top positions and don’t want to spoil his/her reputation.

romantic serials for the weekend scandal by valeria sytnik

‘The Good Wife’

The main character is a women whose name is Alicia. She has been married with governor of Chicago – Peter Florick. After a sexual scandal and the prosecution in corruption he got in prison. After such changes she has to start a new life and take care of the children.

romantic serials for the weekend the good wife by valeria sytnik


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