Calligraphy & Lettering As Fashion By Sasha Puchkina

Calligraphy & Lettering As Fashion By Sasha Puchkina

Hi everyone! My name is Sasha and today I’m going to introduce you calligraphy and lettering as fashion. Hope that you’ll also fall in love with it as I.

A lot of people imagine oriental hieroglyphs or ancient handwriting when I talk about calligraphy. From greek language  ‘calligraphy’ means ‘beautyful handwritting, which doesn’t need any corrections’. While lettering is a graphic picture, where all letters must be drawn, not typed.

The main calligraphy tools are pens with holders and modern braspens. In lettering – pencils, chalks and specialised markers. However, today there are no limits and you can work with different ordinary stuff such as cinnamon, cap or even colapen ( it is made from Coca-cola tin and wooden bar).

calligraphy and lettering as fashion by sasha puchkina

All of you who knows Tumblr and Pinterest might saw in your feed different photos of interior, tables, notes about 5 years ago. Some motivated quotes, blogs names or posters. This is the way how calligraphy is being using now.

In Russia calligraphy became popular not so long. But now there are a lot of young people who refresh Russian lettering  by adding some Old Slavonic script.

Today the most popular streams are wedding calligraphy, chalk lettering, hand made postcards, posters, interior and of course fashion. In my article for All About Accent I’d like to make accent on using calligraphy and lettering in fashion world. In the collections of spring-summer 2017 we could perfectly see some leather coats, denim jackets, bags, t-shirts, accessories which are decorated with different phrases. I was so inspired by this trend that decided to draw my jacket with calligraphy by my own. All these steps I’ll write down for you in case you’ll want to create something in this style.

lettering in fashion by sasha puchkinacalligraphy and lettering in fashion blog people talkcalligraphy and lettering in fashion blog

I also want to tell few words about using calligraphy in interior, especially in cafes and restaurants. The most popular is chalk lettering, with the help of which people decorate walls, prices and even menu! Besides the cafes you may find it in brow-bars, barber shops etc.

We don’t know how long this trend will exist but today it fits in atmosphere of different cities in the whole world.

lettering how to make it by yourself

So, and now I’ll show you how to make a phrase on your denim. All what you need are: an item which you’ll refresh, acrylic paint Decola, big brash for spray, foam rubber brush for worn jeans effect, flat brush (I have the size 8 Pinax) and chalk.

  1. Make a sketch with a chalk.
  2. Paint letters with colours.
  3. Make textured details with foam rubber brush.
  4. Make chaotically sprays with a big brush.
  5. Leave the jacket for 48 hours and than iron it. That’s all! Now you’ve got a personalised clothes in your wardrobe.

lettering in fashion blog valeria sytnik

Written by – Alexandra Puchkina (@puchkina_a_s).

Find works here (@calligraphydreamer).

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