Red Velvet Shoes & Interview With Designer “DemmyVik”

Red Velvet Shoes & Interview With Designer “DemmyVik”

To continuing our introducing with interesting and talented people I’d like to tell you about one designer and owner of the brand called ‘DemmyVik’(@DemmyVik) – Viktoria. A lot of us are obsessed with shoes and I’m pretty sure that when we were children we used to try on our mum’s pumps quite a lot! While one 3-year-old girl had already planned her personal shoes brand. I had a great opportunity to meet and talk with her and asked few questions about the brand, her future plans and inspiration.

– Vika, what did your day start with?

Each my day begins at 7 am. I turn on my favorite movie by Guy Ritchie or Woody Allen and start drawing.

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– How did you decide to set up your shoes brand?

I was dreaming about it since I was 3 years old. When I was studying at school I created a brand name and logo, which today is still be the same. There also was an idea to be a clothes designer but later I understood that this speciality is not for me. I like working with details and do something by my hand.

– Tell how does the new sketch come on paper?

Everything start with the mood. Mostly all my inspiration comes from movies: atmosphere, costume design, cinematography and director’s work. The last our collection was created after watching film «Frida».

– Do you have a dream?

Of course! I had a great chance to collaborate with such a talented ukrainian designer – Marianna Senchina. We have so much in common! And now I want to make my own collection specially for some movie or musical.

– What kind of shoes do you think will be in trend this spring?

Well, first of all, it will be lace shoes! As we can see Dior has already demonstrated it. Also I advice to look at such texture as jacquard. Keep in mind that 60s and 70s are coming back in fashion, so all these quite funny and pretty shoes details as heels and buckles will be definitely in trend! And the hippie style for sure!

– Where could we buy the ‘DemmyVik’ shoes collection?

We have a showroom in Kiev, where you can buy, try on or even order a pair of shoes by your own design! Just bring with you a photo or a picture of your ideal shoes! Also you may find us in ‘StyleInsider’ store and soon we’ll be selling in Great Britain!)

– And who else, I mean designers or brands, does inspire you?

I’m a big fan of Manolo Blahnik! The way how he creates shoes – is just a kind of art! Also I admire Elsa Schiaparelli and Diana Vreeland. I like their attitude and humor to everything that is happening in life.

– What is the speciality of your instagram?

Until recently, I used to run the account by myself. It was funny because I could put a pair of pumps in roses and pretend it was the Mother of God Icon) So, perhaps, that is my peculiarity.

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– And a few words about your favorite books…

My favorite one is «Pride and Prejudice»! This is the source of thoughts and quotes! Also I like the biography of Oscar Wilde and his «The Picture of Dorian Gray».

I’d like also to say that once you visit Vika’s showroom, you will never be the same person again! The atmosphere, which lives in this place, brings you on a small stage of movie, where you could be a director or a main character! And it might be very possible that in the nearest cafe holding a cup of fresh coffee Woody Allen has being already waiting for you.

Photo story by Olga Beznos.

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