Maria Babakhanova: Places to Visit in New York. Part II

Maria Babakhanova: Places to Visit in New York. Part II

To continue my story about the dream-city New York (the first part of article you could find here), I want to tell about the interesting place and some facts, which will be useful during the trip.

New York is a city of five boroughs – Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Brooklyn still regret joining, the Bronx is famous for its Zoo, and Manhattan is truly the center of New York. Manhattan is the smallest of them, but that it is concentrated diversity of attractions, cafes and restaurants, theaters and nightclubs, shops, and is the most popular among tourists.

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Places that everyone should visit in New York:

1. Empire State Building – considered the most important skyscraper NY. It was built in 1931 in pursuit of the tallest buildings in the world. In Building 2 viewing platforms, but if you really want to see NY down better to do it with another roof of a skyscraper, because there will have to stand in line for at least half a day.

2. Rockefeller Center – a town skyscraper with an observation deck, and in winter is also a skating rink and Christmas tree. Highest Skyscraper Center – Building RCA, is the best in the city viewing platform on its roof, which is called the Top of the Rock. I had the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the place, and to ski in the middle of all the skyscrapers.

3.Flatiron Building or House-iron – this is one of the first skyscrapers in NY city.

4. Freedom Tower ( «Freedom Tower”), it was built to replace the twin towers blown up. At the foot of the tower is a swimming pool, on the edges of which knocked out the names of the victims, the museum is located underneath. The whole complex is called the 9/11 memorial.

5. Statue of Liberty – a symbol of modern America, presented by the French people after the Civil War. It is a good visible from the ferry, but you can go straight to the bottom of it.

6. Brooklyn Bridge – best way of crossing the East River

7. Grand Central Terminal (Grand Central Station) – hall of this building many times found himself in the movie, that it is impossible not to find the first time, and earlier under the clock in the center of the main hall is dating generations of New Yorkers.

8. Charging Bull – Bull – that he is the chief symbol of Wall Street.

9. Times Square – the most bustling and vibrant place in the city.

10. Metropolitan Museum of Art – the same value as the Louvre and the Hermitage, just on the other side of the ocean.

time square

On Manhattan there are two world-famous streets: Broadway and Fifth Avenue.

Broadway – the longest street in NY on it is the most famous theater district. If it’s possible, you should definitely visit at least one local musical. I had the opportunity to hear the familiar songs of ABBA Swedish group at local «Mama Mia» musical.

Fifth Avenue or Fifth Ave – one of the most expensive streets in the world. It originates at Washington Square Park, passes through Central Park and ends at the Straits of Harlem – River. It attracts crowds of tourists because there are such famous accommodations as the Rockefeller Center, Central Park, one of the skyscrapers the Trump and  Apple Store. Also you’ll stare at the windows Tiffany & Co (this is where the shooting took place world-known film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s»), Cartier, Bulgari and boutiques Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci.

Manhattan – is the living area. Life here starts early in the morning and ends after midnight. In the morning, leaving the hotel, you can see a picture: people in suits with briefcases go to a coffee shop for coffee and hurry on business. I am very pleased with this picture, in Moscow, this can be seen only in the areas of business, but generally this is not accepted in Europe to take “coffee to go”. A popular dish for breakfast is bagels (Russian donut of choux pastry).

ny cafe

The places with the best coffee and pastries, local waiters I already know me:

Paris Baguette – if you’re a fan of macaroon, you exactly here;

Cafe Metro – perfect for breakfast

Pret a manger – an analogue of the Moscow Prime, only with more choice and lower prices

To move around the city in various ways: by public transport, taxi and on foot. Last is the budget, and the best way to discover completely unknown places of the city.

Useful advice for those who came to New York for more than five days and is going to move around the city by metro, immediately buy a magnetic card MetroCard for a week. This will save both money and time spent to fight the ticket machines.

Walking around the city, combine business with pleasure and make a shopping in the best stores of the city. Do not forget the tax (from 7 to 11 percent). In large shopping centers upon presentation of a passport card 10% discount will be given for you. In general, prices at current exchange rate, not very different from Moscow, but if you look in the stores of American brands, the price will be much lower(Banana Republic, American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie, Levis and many others).

Just For Note

1. The famous department store Bloomingdale’s – one of the favorite places for shopping among Native Americans. Here you will find a wide range of branded items at a lower price.

2. Department Macy’s– one of the largest stores in the world

3. Saks Fifth Ave – luxury level department store, on the ground floor you will find a huge selection of spirits.

4.Century 21– shop with crazy discounts and the same choice of things

In each of my trip there happened something that has added insanity and madness. One day, the snow fell and the city stopped, but I wanted to eat cheesecake, and I like crazy in thin sneakers (shoes selection wizard for trips) raced down the street to a nearby bakery.

If you still think that I’m normal, no, you’re wrong, it was the case that I am in the month of January was asleep on the balcony, it was glazed, but not heated, but it opened an unrealistic view of the Manhattan skyline and could see the Hudson – 35 floor.

Drove to the airport thinking that going to be late for the flight, and understand that at the airport broke down the system and 6 hours sat in the plane excursion on JFK.

But anyway, NY, I love you!

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Автор статьи – Мария Бабаханова. (@americanrabbit).

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