Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!

Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!

This fall was very special for me! During the last two months I had a great opportunity to visit several countries, enjoy the last warm days and really cold snowy winter! After Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Moscow I was so inspired by the new collections and now I’m ready to release all my projects and ideas about which I was thinking for so long! And now I hope to share these energy and mood with you!

When I was choosing my look for the 3rd day of MBFW I decided to rise to the challenge and combined  two absolutely different fashion trends – barocco style and rock. We could relate to the first one such outfit details as a top with flared sleeves and massive pearl earrings. When tights (which also are called ‘fish-net’), leather skirt and biker sheerling coat are belong to the second one. And I’m pretty glad about the results! As for me, it looks interesting and nice, while the most important thing is that it’s casual and stylish for our everyday life!




H&M top and skirt / ASOS boots / ZARA coat / Phillip Lim bag

Photo by Marina Rbphoto.


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