Inspired by Paris Fashion Week’16

Inspired by Paris Fashion Week’16

The last Paris Fashion Week inspired me on writing this post. Each day I was looking at all these streetstyle photos and decided to make the outfit simply close to that style and mood. In this way I could be close to this marvelous city and its atmosphere a little bit more.

I came to conclusion that the main and sometimes the only one accent in your look should be the outwear. Also the reason of this choice was a quite cold and freezy weather. And that’s why guests had to stay in warm clothes. Brightly fur coats, shearling coats and bombers were spotted in the streets of Paris during that days. The last ones were the most popular! Military style will be one of the main trends this fall. But about it we’ll talk later!)

I tried to make my today’s look stylish and casual at the same time. In everyday life in the big city it’s very important reason. My accent is also a kind of outwear. I was looking for something of white color for a long time. And this lamb fur coat is exactly what I wanted! When you see it at the first time you might think that it is very chic and waste of money. But later I promise you’ll fall in love with it and couldn’t take it off! Also I’d like to notice that this fur coat mustn’t be the only one kind of outwear in your wardrobe.

Trying not to look ‘too much chic’ I choose mom TopShop jeans and TFNC London blouse with wide lace sleeves. I think cause of this it looks very stylish. Can’t wait for summer time when I could wear it with mini skirts and shorts!)

And the last but not least is the black fedora boat hat. All of us know that keep your head freezing in winter is a bad taste. Fashion takes care about us!)


lamb fur coat – VStore (here)

jeans – TopShop

hat – Lack of Color (here)

blouse – TFNC London (here)

boots – Mango

Photo by Vika Aleksandrova

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