New Love: ASOS Faux Fur Coat!

New Love: ASOS Faux Fur Coat!

It is said that together with the first steps of spring comes also the most beautiful and tender feeling – love. When the ground is giving way beneath your feet, the sun is shining in other way, all people are smiling and there is nothing that could screw up the mood – you should know that here comes the symptoms of falling in love. And of course the most important symptom which all of us know well is a lightning tingle in the stomach or just ‘butterflies’. While actually the main reason of this exciting feeling comes just because of adrenaline which appears if you see the object of your passion. It’s so lovely isn’t it?

Unfortunately, you can’t feel this way very often or even sometimes it happens only once in a life. But there are still such other moments which could bring you similar kind of happiness. One of these moments was when I brought my new shearling fur coat from ASOS. It was at the beginning of December. I could say for sure that it was love from the first sight! It is made in long classic design with big spacious pockets. But I also want to notice that this length fits not everyone. Girls who are not very tall should be careful and wear it only with high heels. In this way you could visually stay tall.

The most stylish way is wearing this shearling fur coat with mini skirt and high boots. Exactly cause of its length you could make experiments and be sure that you’ll stay in warm. So make your ‘butterflies’ be happy!)

coat – ASOS (here)
turtleneck – TopShop
skirt – TopShop
boots – Vagabond
backpack – Michael Kors

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  1. Friday July 29th, 2016 / 10:23 AM

    amazing outfit, you have great style.

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