Stylish Sweden and Calm Finland

Stylish Sweden and Calm Finland

Visiting Scandinavia was one of my cherished dream. And finally it came true! Incredible nature, rose sunsets, cosy streets – all these things are so typical for that place.

You won’t find the unique architecture and museums with worldwide known masterpieces in Stockholm. But this city surprised and conquered me with the huge amount of stylish people! Boys, girls, men and women of different ages look so chic! For example, if you meet a clerk – he wears a classic coat, stylish scarf, pants and leather portfolio. Moreover, all details of his look could be in different colors but it will perfectly fit each other! Girls prefer fur coats. The reason of this choice is that it’s the warmest outwear which you can find during the cold and humidity winter in Sweden. The fur could be mink, lamb, mouton and others. Cuts are usually made in classic type. The same is about colors (black, brown, camel, white, grey). Such coats they wear with wide pants, jeans and dresses.

I also noticed one thing; all girls and women try to be very lovely and feminine. And their scandinavian type of face emphasizes on it: graphic cheekbones, beautiful bright eyes (mostly blue) and light skin. Also they don’t hesitate of adding accessories to everyday outfits (hats, scarfs, etc.)


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Drottinggatan or “Queen street” – is the major pedestrian street in Stockholm with numerous stores and shops 
Stockholm is also a place where you could organize a stunning street style photo shootings! Bright landscapes and monochrome walls of the street accommodations will concentrate the accents on clothes and emphasize its colors and structure.
When you come to Helsinki you feel like you are at home. Calm streets, lovely cafes on each corners, Russian language – everyone could find here something special and native. There are absolutely no rush in the streets. I would like to come back to this city again and stay in the house by the sea to inspire adorably dawns and colorful sunsets of the northern sky. Want to join the harmony of nature and its power. So when I remember about it – all problems will become immediately so small and not significant!
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