Today’s Outfit – Lace Dress

Today’s Outfit – Lace Dress
When do we relax and get enough energy for our daily life? Right! When we sleep well! The best way to avoid dull color of your skin and first wrinkles is sleeping about 7-8 hours. If you wish to have a good metabolism and relax your muscles after hard-working training in gym, you have to get enough sleep.
I was so happy when last year the slip dress became popular! And it is still be trendy even now. Such kind of dress perfectly shows your figure and subtle the silhouette. It could be worn with jacket or cardigan. If you have a date – combine it with slim fit jeans and sweater. But the most fancy way is wearing the slip dress with pumps and trench.
Also I want to admit that this dress is will suit even with out fav turtleneck.
I was looking for such dress for a long time! One of them had very deep neckline, another was too short for me. But when I finally saw this TFNC London slip dress – I ordered it immediately! As I am in a hurry mostly of days I choose biker boots and shaggy cardigan of powdery color. I feel such energy inside even if my day is very busy. Wish you feel the same!)
dress – tfnc london (here)
wool cardigan – Mango
backpack – Michael Kors
boots – Fabio Rusconi
 Photo by @Vika Aleksandova


  1. Wednesday December 16th, 2015 / 09:39 PM

    Безупречный образ!
    Все идеально и акссесуары подобраны здорово!

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