To Do List: Done!

To Do List: Done!
“How to do as much as possible?” We wake up in the morning with this thought very often and try to refresh our daily plans which were made yesterday. Weeks, months and years are passing by with high speed! And usually it goes in a hectic rhythm. The most interesting is that we are getting to enjoy it. The practice shows that the more I have to do during the day, the less there is time for other negative thoughts. You should start planning your life now and don’t waste time waiting for next Monday or week. Cause in this case it will never come.
boots – Vagabond (shop here)
socks – Calzedonia (here)

During such busy days I appreciate the confidence and comfort in clothes which I wear.As there is a cold weather outside you should think about how to stay in warm. The shoes which I have chosen are unisex and quite rough in my fav wine color. I felt in love with them when I have just seen! Also there are classic pants and warm sweater. This look perfectly suits as for business meetings so as for everyday life.


54 55 56 57
pants – ZARA
bag – Phillip Lim
coat – 12Storeez
knitwear – ZARA
scarf – Marc&Spencer

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