What To Wear In Winter: Aviator Jacket

What To Wear In Winter: Aviator Jacket

In a way to continuing the trial of what to wear in winter ( the first part is here), I’d like to talk about aviator jacket. The name of this legendary jacket has a lot in common with pilots, who were wearing it as uniform for a long of time (and yes, we may see such one on our dear Tom Hardy in ‘Dunkirk’). There is also a bomber, which is a type of such jackets (the name came from airplane bomber). Many years ago cabins used to be open air, that’s why the main function of aviator jacket was to protect the pilot from wind and cold temperature. ACNE brand is well-known of the first one who started to produce such jackets. But today we can find a huge variants of it and that, which is made from faux fur and leather as well (nowadays we don’t have to fly in an open air cabin).

I love this outerwear so much! Especially because of the way it looks with all clothes. Unfortunately, we can’t wearing coat during the whole winter. There are days when it’s raining and that mess laying on the streets could spoil our outfit. Aviators are perfect for those who likes sport-casual style (jeans, pants with stripes, wool pants) and classic (suits, skirts, dresses and trousers).

Below I was trying to find for you such jackets as from luxury boutiques, so from mass-market. Maybe there is something which you’ll like and want to buy for yourself as a present for the following holidays)

what to wear in winter aviator jacket

aviator jacket valeria sytnik
what to wear in winter - aviator
what to wear in winter aviator jacket valeria sytnik fashion blogger
what to wear in winter
what to wear in winter fur bag and sunglasses
what to wear in winter aviator jacket by valeria sytnik fashion blogger


ZARA aviator jacket

MANGO hight-waisted pants

Parfois fur bag

MANGO sock boots

H&M wool sweater (old collection)

Photo story by Olga Beznos.

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