June’s Favorites

June’s Favorites

Still can’t believe that the first month of summer has been already passed! I love June for its blossom, fresh fruits and feeling of warm season. Looking backward I’d like to share my favourite products and those things which were inspired me.


Even during the summer our skin needs to be hydrated and nourished. Take to your consideration different oils, some of them could be also used as a perfume. My love is dry oil by Nuxe! It contains 97% of natural oils which are healthy to your body, face or hair.

nuxe dry oil in beauty blog by valeria sytnik


You might be know this highlighter by Becca. It gives your skin glow and fresh radiance. You may use it as a finish highlighter or as a primer. I don’t like putting too much makeup on my skin during the summer, that’s why this delicate glow is exactly what I need.

becca shimmering skin perfector in beauty blog by valeria sytnik

Elemis Biotec Skin Energising Cleanser

As I have sensitive type of skin, I can’t use peelings and scrubs very often. But it also needs deep cleansing especially when it’s hot outside and your pores are expended. This cleansing gel by Elemis contains three acids – succinic acid, lactic and ferulic acid, with the help of which it not only cleans the skin but also nourishes and makes wrinkles smoother. That’s why it can be used at 25+ ages. One more reason why this gel is in my favorites today – it doesn’t constrict and brings any discomfort on my skin.

elemis biotec skin energising cleanser in beauty blog by valeria sytnik

As my June started with vacations, I prepared some sun protected products in advance. This light fluid by La Roche-Posay used to be in my pouch all the time! You don’t want to get sunburn and as the result have a red nose, do you?

la roche-posey non-perfumed fluid in beauty blog by valeria sytnik


Though we take care of our skin, sometimes we forget about hair. The sun, salty water and hairstyle products could damage its structure. I like curl or straight my hair from time to time and that’s why I finally get used to spray the protection before. During the last time I use KEVIN.MURPHY.

kevin murphy damage manager in beauty blog by valeria sytnikjune's favourites in beauty blog by valeria sytnik


This year I found the most comfortable shoes, which I have ever had! My feet have such feature to get calluses even if I wear my old shoes! Espadrilles by Spanish brand Soludos are the first pair of shoes wearing which I absolutely forget about any discomfort!

French printed wrap dresses are on trend now. Good for you – they will never be out of fashion.

And what about denim jacket? Year-to-year we can’t exist without it. Mine by Wrangler was taken from father’s wardrobe and I hope he hasn’t notice it yet)


Bracelets, rings, sunnies and hats – all these stuff we are using now. My earrings and necklace from H&M are made from golden metal and perfectly suit mostly to all my summer outfits! And one more thing: don’t be afraid to mix different colours jewellery!

june's favourites in beauty and fashion blog by valeria sytniksolids espadrilles in fashion blog by valeria sytnikjune's favourites in fashion blog by valeria sytnikjune's favourites beauty products by valeria sytnik becca, nuxe, la roche-posey, elemisjune's favourites in fashion and beauty blog allaboutaccent by valeria sytnikjune's favourites by valeria sytnik hm accessoriesjune's favourites fashion and beauty products by valeria sytnik

Photo Story by Olga Beznos.

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