Update Your Summer Mood & Outfit

Update Your Summer Mood & Outfit

What does inspire us during the summer time? The sun, heat, sea, sand, dawns, meetings, picnics, cold wine, fresh air after thunder storm… It is possible to write thousands words. For me summer is little different life, when we live and breath with all our lungs. It is much easier to start doing something in summer: visiting dancing lessons, learning languages, drawing or doing meditation. Now you can find new vision of yourself, make experiments and don’t be afraid of failures. We have 3 months to do things which we’ve never done before and postponed them till the best time. Now it is exactly this time.

My summer began with yoga, lemonades and Italy. About the first two things I’ll tell a little bit later. And now I want to share with you that mood and vibes which I had during the whole June. The following trip to beautiful Italy made the special atmosphere to all my wardrobe. Ruches, fancy rollers, gold, tops with cut off shoulders and red color – there are the main associations with this country. After a small transition into Italian woman, thinking only about «here» and «now», it was decided to go out for a picnic and feel the nature, all its beauty. Italians know one very important thing about life – the secret is in enjoying every single moment in present, even if you are surrounded by the rush and emotions.

The outfit consists of black cut off shoulders top, culottes and white pumps. And gold accessories and red lipstick just emphasise the mood of this country once again.

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I’m wearing:

H&M top, ZARA pants, MANGO sunglasses, ZARA shoes, MANGO belt, Parfois accessories

Photo Story by Olga Beznos.

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