Paris Fashion Week Street Style by Anastasia Fedoseeva

Paris Fashion Week Street Style by Anastasia Fedoseeva

Last few days a lot of us were watching the PFW, who was attending the fashion shows, streetstyle photos and all details. Today I want to introduce you Anastasia (, who is a streetstyle photographer and currently based in Paris.

Nastya was born in Moscow but during the last 5 years lives in Milan.

«When I was studying in Marangoni institute I used to visit many shows. And there I noticed photographers who were shooting the guests. One of my favorite one was Adam (le21eme), who said that you should buy a simple camera which you could afford and start doing something!»

She did so and went to Florence, then Paris and finally Milan where decided to go and study the professional photo course. Since that time Nasty works as a street style photographer at fashion weeks and really loves it!


When I asked her what was the most attractive while shooting the guests, she said that she has never asked someone to pose. Usually she hides somewhere and makes photos.

«And of course don’t forget about the details! Such things brings so many likes!) I’m kidding) The simple and nice combinations – that is the beauty!»


Photo from (@thestreetpie)

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