Maria Babakhanova: 5 The Most Important Rules of Traveling to New York. Part I

Maria Babakhanova: 5 The Most Important Rules of Traveling to New York. Part I

My name is Masha, I was born and grew up in Moscow. By nationality, I half- Russian, half-lezginka, but though I am Orthodox. I am a student of the Moscow State University. Essential part of my life is traveling, at the earliest opportunity, I fly abroad.

Today my story will be about the city which is used to be a dream of many people in the world – New York.

New York is a city of skyscrapers, the world’s best Broadway musicals, nightclubs, museums and the endless shopping opportunities. The main association with the city for mosts is the Statue of Liberty.
New York had the reputation of the most expensive city of the US, so come here a tourist who wants to see the US attractions personally, should be kept in mind – his purse will have a very hard time too. But this does not in any way negate the fact that New York – the city that is simply crazy, fascinating, shocking, fall in love, in short, do anything you want, but just do not leave you indifferent.

Having been to New York once you will want to return to it again and again.

5 basic rules of the traveler:

  1. When boarding a plane right away, ask the flight attendant cover, and if the flight is long a pillow, as always in the plane works well conditioner
  2. Always take your hand luggage and put all necessary as airport services do not work in the best way and is such that the luggage is lost
  3. As we know, enough pickpockets everywhere, so try to put large sums of money to the card, but you should always have cash for a taxi to the hotel and incidental expenses
  4. The main document is a passport , so in a hotel always keep it in a safe
  5. Do not forget that if you are going to rent a car you must have international rights

When you go NY note:

In December and January be ready for sudden snowfall, then the city just stop its life because for them it’s like the apocalypse

Life in Manhattan will cost you more than in Queens or Brooklyn

Alcohol is only sold in specialized stores and stands as well as cigarettes more expensive than in Moscow

Do not be surprised when going to the drug store you’ll find everything from food to clothing, pharmacy assortment can be compared with any Moscow supermarket

Do not forget about taxes, the price listed anywhere without them

Be prepared for the fact that a couple of nights you spend without sleep (due to the large time difference)

Be sure to take with you in New York:

– comfortable shoes, you will be a lot of walking

– Phone Adapter with American plug

– camera

Apps that help you on the trip:

‘Uber’ – a taxi anywhere in the world
‘Cups’ – a lot of beneficial applications for real coffee people. Will open many new unexplored corners of the world coffee NY
‘Shout’ – booking tables at the show ticket
‘Central Park App’ – an audio guide and a calendar of events in the park
‘iTrains’ – metro scheme and the exact schedule of trains in your smartphone.

Written by – Мария Бабаханова. (@americanrabbit).

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