25 Characters which Everyone Should Have

25 Characters which Everyone Should Have

I must say that I’m a quite emotional and sensitive person. There are a lot as advantages, so disadvantages in these characters. Unfortunately, we aren’t happy with what we have and sometimes don’t even notice such small sweet things which are happening with us every single day! For example, unplanned meeting with your best friend or welcoming paw your neighbor’s dog may fill the rest of your day with sincerely smile and feeling. But being too emotional is also not a good idea. Catching on you the strictly sight of the stranger, long waiting on the bus stop, getting the rude answer of a waitress in cafe – all these stuff could crash your mood and positive thoughts in a second. And the reason of it is that we don’t care about each other. We became so impatient and wicked!

So that’s why in the new year I want to make 25 points of being a good person and truly believe that it will help us to be more kind with others. Even if we follow some of them – we’ll be a little bit better!

1. Respect everybody.
2. Keep smiling and share your good mood with others.
3. Treat with understanding to each other.
4. Be patient.
5. Be gentle and polite.
6. Don’t abuse and try to stay calm and solve the problem.
7. Don’t be irritated.
8. Always greet and say goodbye to everyone and everywhere.
9. Always wish a nice day.
10. Being who you are means being sincere with other people.
11. Don’t forget to thank.
12. Provide the seat in public transport to those who really need it.
13. Bring a cup of coffee to your friend.
14. While driving the car keep in mind that you are not the only one on the road, that’s why it’s so important to show your intentions.
15. Help the tourists in your city to find the right route.
16. Don’t be late. Everyone has his day plans and we mustn’t change it.
17. Don’t be afraid to show your own opinions, but still respect others one.
18. Say good morning every single day! Even to yourself!
19. Throw the garbage only in the rubish bin and not on the streets.
20. Keep on smiling! Then we’ll have the wrinkles just because of that.
21. Don’t take what isn’t yours.
22. Be happy if your friends are happy.
23. Listen to somebody with caution.
24. Remember about others weaknesses and stay calm.
25. And be able to admit your mistakes even if you don’t want.

Photo by Vika Aleksandrova.

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