Hello My Dear ‘Leo’!

Hello My Dear ‘Leo’!

We hear and use very often so many words, which came from different languages (c’est la vie, voila etc.). And we do not always know and understand their meanings.

What does “trend” mean? In fashion industry the word ‘trend’ means the currently (but unfortunately short-term) stream, tendency of fashion development, which comes back from time to time. One from such latest trend is fur coat with leopard print. It has already been popular in 80s and in 90s. But in nowadays we find this item so stylish especially if we wear it with simply casual outfits, such as jeans and t-shirt.

FASHION TIP: leopard printed coat looks better with such colors as red, white, black, green, violet.

But how could we know that something which is definitely the mainstream of this season becomes not trendy anymore? The answer is: if you see it everywhere on the streets! The moment when everybody accepts and okays it – this trend is loosing its uniqueness.

I chose my favorite combination of black and white, where the main character of this look became leopard fur coat from ZAFUL ( btw, it coasts less than $50!). It looks so comfy and pretty for the street style! And all we need some brightness and chic in our everyday life!


ZAFUL fur coat / ZARA shoes / ZARA jeans / Coccinelle bag

Photo by Olga Beznos.

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