London Street Style & Fashion

London Street Style & Fashion

Our everyday life has crazy beats: we are always on a way somewhere, in a hurry, staying in our dreams, trying to create something and then achieve it. I think if it is possible to compare the life we have with a kind of music, it would be literally a rock: concentration on outfits as in glam rock, rebelliousness and epatage of underground, bright emotions of beat-rock etc. But there are such a lull days when you are absolutely exhausted and have no willing to do something. During these moments we are trying to find out the force and cheer up ourselves by traveling, tasting new dishes, reading books or watching movies. One of my inspiration source are people and what they do. Kindness, sincerity and strong desire to help – this is what attract me most of all! When we take cary about each other and give a good mood, it makes out world a little bit better!

Inspired by one girl and fashion blogger Megan Ellaby, who lives in England and has her own blog and YouTube channel, I decided to bring that English vibes to my outfit. A daily cropped high-rise jeans and a white T-shirt – my favorite basic combination. If there is no time for preparation or you just don’t know what to wear – this variant is a perfect one! And white fur coat, cap, red pumps and massive earrings make the look even more festival and now you are ready to go to your fav rock bands concert!

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NA-KD logo T-shirt (here)/ LEVI’S jeans / Eugenia Kim cap / ZARA shoes & gloves & earrings

Photo by Kate Klimenko.

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