Wake Me Up in Paris!

Wake Me Up in Paris!

Before Christmas I love dreaming and making a wish so much! Frankly speaking, November is such a depressive time: days become shorter, sun is a rare phenomenon at all and cold and sometimes even snowy weather unsettle me! There is only one thing that could inspire me and cheer up – holidays. All these happy rush is such a pleasure for me and everytime it is like at the first! I may compare it with that kind of feeling when you know for sure that at the specific moment a magic is going to be! So was when we were children and picked up the presents from Santa at the first day of a new year. Sometimes this moment of expectation is even more important for me than a dooms day! Maybe the reason is that we could prolong a little bit these minutes.

Staying in such mood and feeling the atmosphere I decided to imagine one day in Paris. I’m ready to come back to this place again and again! And this is another opportunity to wear a light flower shifon dress (like this one from ZAFUL) with oversize fur coat and pretend being Parisian, forgetting about any rules!



ZAFUL dress / ASOS hat and boots/ ZARA fur coat

Photo by Vika Aleksandrova.


  1. Thursday December 1st, 2016 / 07:22 PM

    Париж- замечательный город, он особенно красив в это время года<3 Образ очень крутой!!! http://www.morijane.blogspot.com

    • Tuesday March 14th, 2017 / 03:28 PM

      Женя, спасибо большое! Да, Париж прекрасен всегда)

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