Infinite Woman’s World with PODOLYAN

Infinite Woman’s World with PODOLYAN

” You behold a star for two reasons: because it sparkles, and consequently, that it is incomprehensible. But near to you – light more gentle and secret deeper: the woman!” V. Hugo

It is known that human always needs to discover something, explore and learn. The idea that everything is made for some reason and has its particular purpose doesn’t give us a rest. Each new secret  is unique because of its mysteriousness and inexplicability. A sense of the unknown carries us along, forcing to put tasks, solving which we just immerse deeper into the unexplained world. Mostly every day scientists discover laws, create new formulas and find out regularities. By trying to figure out how our galaxy exists, they don’t notice other million small solar systems around us. Combining incongruous, hiding and solving themselves, like a small particle of the Universe, they make spinning a vast world in which coexist romance and tenderness, rigor and confidence. And there is no need to explore or understand this world. It was made for us just to live in it and enjoy every single moment. And only woman can show us this magic world.

Together with Ukrainian brand PODOLYAN I want to reveal to my followers two absolutely different female characters which all we girls have. The first one is timid and shy, but surely following her dream. Another one – mysterious and unapproachable, confidently making every step and believing in herself. And this is not all her essence. It is only a small piece of a large inner world which as our Universe is infinite.


Special thanks to PODOLYAN brand store for providing clothes from the new collection FW’16

Photo by Vika Aleksandrova.

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