My Californication Sunsets

My Californication Sunsets

My favorite part of each summer day is sunset. The energy which you get while watching the sun goes down is incredible! And this range of red warm colors you see then on sky – inspires me so much. Summer sunsets are definitely the most beautiful and miraculous appearance that could ever be! We spend only a few minutes gazing how the night becomes after day. And it could bring different and unforgettable feelings: once you feel absolutely calmly and peacefully, another day – mysteriously and strangely. We usually try to forget all bad things which happened with us today by melting them in that bright light that will soon disappear and keep in our hearts love and confidence in the next day.

During one of such day I was thinking about open air fests which usually are taking place somewhere on the beach. Of course my dream at that moment was about the Coachella. This festival brought a new vision of the fashion style called ‘Boho‘. The way how I’m wearing is a good example: flower print plunging ZAFUL romper I paired with lace up Chloe shoes and straw boater. I was so exited about the atmosphere which was there, that now I’m pretty sure that very soon my Californication dream will come true!

california sunset on the beach valeria sytnikzaful romper on valeria sytnik



ZAFUL flower print romper (here) / ASOS boater / Chloe lace up shoes

Photo by Vika Aleksandrova.


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