Have You Ever Thought..?

Have You Ever Thought..?

Have you ever thought what would have been if a situation or a moment of your life had gone in other way? I’m sure that some of you wanted to change the past at least once. It could be our words, actions, behavior or even the outfit. And each time when we come back to that moments in our mind, we are trying to find out all variants of our new acts which are possible. We imagine another future and present; create absolutely the different life where actually we don’t believe that we could be. And when we are finally back to reality, we are getting upset and blame ourselves for mistakes which have been made. But the biggest mistake is that we stop enjoying the present moments! By planning our days/weeks/years we sometimes forget about taking a rest and just look around. While we are living in our dreams, the real life is passing by.

Only after you accept all what has been done in the past, you’ll understand that this life is full of surprises. And it could be happened with you as well. You should just let it be.


jeans – 12storeez

boots – Mango

handbag – Phillip Lim

white turtleneck – United Colors of Benetton





Photo by Karina M.

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